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November 19, 2022

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Bergeon is widely recognized as a leading producer of high-quality watchmaking equipment. Bergeon produces equipment for use by numerous watch manufacturers and repair shops worldwide. Many watchmakers, both amateur and expert, find it to be of high quality.

Not to mention, there must be a good explanation for Bergeon’s widespread acclaim. When it comes to usefulness, accuracy, and durability, Bergeon tools are among the best available.

When working on a watch, no matter how valuable, the last thing you want to do is accidentally harm it because you couldn’t be bothered to use a Bergeon tool instead of a clumsier alternative. In the very least, you risk damaging your expensive watch if you make this error.

Given this, it’s not hard to see why Bergeon tools are so well-liked and respected. As a Bergeon watch aficionado, you require the following tools.

Bergeon 7825 Spring bar tool

As far as portable spring bar tools go, the Bergeon 7825 is hard to beat. The fundamental advantage of this tool is that, like tweezers, it can be used to insert and withdraw the spring bar from both ends at once. One advantage is that it reduces the potential for scratching (or having the spring bar scratch) your watch.

It’s Swiss-made, as are all Bergeon instruments. It is also anti-magnetic, which will keep your watch from being damaged by magnets.

The Bergeon 7825 permits the removal of the spring bars from your watch to be performed quickly and precisely. If you often remove and replace your watch’s spring bars without the proper equipment, you run the danger of scratching the lugs. This instrument, however, lessens the likelihood of scratches while also making the procedure quick and easy.

Bergeon 6767 Spring bar tool

As if you needed more reasons to stock up on Bergeon, here’s a spring bar tool. The 6767 is not meant to be used as tweezers like the 7925, instead taking the form of a pen. Unfortunately, this means that the lugs can only be inserted or removed in one direction at a time, which can be an inconvenience.

But the 6767 isn’t the best option for all kinds of straps and bracelets, therefore you should also have this spring bar tool in addition to the 7825. Such a spring bar tool may be preferable than the 7825 in some circumstances, such as when a watch’s strap prevents the user from reaching the spring bar.

This tool is great since it stands out from the crowd of similarly priced alternatives. The outstanding precision of this instrument reduces the potential for slips and lets the work go more quickly and easily.

Bergeon 2611 loupe

The Bergeon 2611 is a loupe used by watchmakers, and it goes without saying that every watch collector needs to have one. Bergeon produces numerous 2611 iterations, each with a unique truncation (for example, the 2611-TN 4x and the 2611-TN3). You can choose the 2611 model that best meets your needs thanks to the variety of magnification options available. Do you require a loupe that provides extreme magnification for viewing small objects, or would you rather have one that provides less magnification for general viewing?

Quality loupes provide superior magnification and clarity than cheap ones. In addition to being the preferred option amongst many expert watchmakers, Bergeon’s loupes are renowned for their exceptional clarity.

Bergeon 1458-A-15 loupe

This is probably Bergeon’s most serious loupe.

A lower-magnification loupe and a higher-magnification loupe might be useful tools to have on hand. In the latter case, the 1458-A-15 is an excellent choice. The 15x magnification of this loupe makes it ideal for inspecting the intricate workings of watches (or any other small object). Using this loupe, you may examine the intricate workings of a watch that would otherwise not be visible to the human eye.

Bergeon 7812 Watch Repair Kit

If your watch needs fixing, this is one of the best kits you can get. Tools in the kit are of the highest quality and deliver exceptional precision, as is to be expected, and the kit itself includes everything a watch aficionado could possibly require.

A screwdriver set is an essential tool for every watch aficionado. The removal and addition of bracelet links is the most typical application of screwdrivers. Unscrewing screws is how most watches are taken apart.

Here, the significance of high-quality screwdrivers cannot be overstated. The quality of screwdrivers varies greatly; those sold by Bergeon are among the best available.

A variety of screwdriver sizes are included in this kit. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate sized screwdriver for the job, as different screws require various sized drivers. This reduces stress on the screw and streamlines the process. Further, the blades are constructed from tempered steel, so they will retain their sharpness and accuracy for years to come. Furthermore, the kit provides two additional blades of each size in case the originals become dull or otherwise unusable.

Bergeon 8008 case back opener

For watches with screw-down case backs, a case back opener is also required; the Bergeon 8008 is a useful option for this purpose. You may remove the case back by pressing the rubber ball tool against it and rotating it. Carefully unscrew the back of the case using the ball’s firm grip.

Bergeon 4932 case back opener

The movement of a watch can only be accessed by opening the case back. It’s common knowledge that case backs can be split into two distinct categories. case backs that “pop” out and others that are secured with screws.

The Bergeon 4932 was made specifically for use on “pop” down case backs, hence the name. Although ordinary knives and the like can be used, this tool is made to open the rear of the watch with least risk of injury.

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