By Saad

August 10, 2023

I have selected excellent solutions ranging in price from $80 to $200.

The following are, without further ado, the top automatic watches available for less than $200:

1.      Seiko SNK805

Best Watches For Men Under 200

On this list, you’ll find more than one Seiko watch represented. Seiko is well-known for producing a wide variety of high-quality yet reasonably-priced automatic timepieces.

Because it is a member of the Seiko 5 series, which is known for its reasonable prices, it undoubtedly is. However, you would never guess that the item on this list with the lowest price is the one you are looking at.

And I think that can be attributed to the meticulous attention to detail that was put into the creation of this design:

  • Simple yet striking sword hands – perhaps the most exact handset ever made available on the market large Arabic numerals in five-minute increments and hours indices on the inner portion of the dial

Everything functions perfectly well in terms of the overall design.

And this is no fluke: this is a genuine pilot watch, replete with a dial that is extremely legible and a casing that doesn’t mess around… has a modest water resistance of thirty meters.

Even though 37 millimeters is not a particularly large measurement, I would still count that as a benefit.

The majority of pilot watches have a case diameter of 42 millimeters or more. Due to its small size, this one is suitable for wrists with a circumference of up to 7.5 inches.

The movement does not have the ability to be hand-wound or hacked, and you will probably want to replace the strap with something that is more sturdy – for example, a strap made of leather.

It can’t be denied, though, that the value proposition of this watch is through the roof, considering how well-designed it is and how much of a cool factor it possesses.


  • excellent case dimensions for any wrist and the most affordable choice on our list


  • There is neither hacking nor hand-winding involved, and the water resistance is only 30 meters.

2.      Invicta Pro Diver 8926OB

Best Watches For Men Under 200

Because the Invicta Pro Diver is an affordable homage to the Rolex Submariner, this design may look familiar to you. The reason for this is that the Invicta Pro Diver features the same design.

You won’t receive the same quality as the Submariner; that much is certain. I mean, this watch is just one-hundredth as expensive as the genuine article, and it costs only one dollar.

But as someone who has tried both in the metal, I can say with absolute certainty that you will get at least 80 percent of the enjoyment out of it!

  • 200 meters of resistance to the water (and a screw-down crown)
  • a bezel with 120 clicks that are completely aligned (this feature is not usually included on more budget diving watches).
  • a Seiko movement that is wound by hand and requires hacking.

Now, in order to deliver such a great value at such an affordable price, they had to take some corners, such as utilizing a bracelet that rattled or lume that wasn’t up to grade.

But I’m not going to let this deter me from making a purchase because the overall build quality and price point are so impressive. You can also read Best Pocket Watch For Men.

Now, before you take my word for it, check out the thousands (!!!) of reviews on the internet that have a score of four stars or above. It is, in fact, of such high quality.

There’s something thrilling about looking amazing while spending so little money on a piece of clothing… Once you wrap it over your wrist, you’ll immediately understand what I’m talking about.


  • screw-down crown with a water resistance rating of 200 meters


  • poor lume
  • rattly bracelet

3.      Vostok Amphibia Scuba Dude 710059

Best Watches For Men Under 200

Moving on to something totally different, our next item is a dive watch from Russia.

You can call it unusual, funky, or downhill weird, but you can’t call it dull. It’s definitely not boring.

Because of the illustration that can be found on the dial, this particular Vostok Amphibia 710059 is fondly referred to as the “Scuba Dude.”

The strikingly gorgeous turquoise color of this dial stands out to me as the watch’s most distinctive characteristic; it is a hue that is nearly never found on diving watches.

Even while it doesn’t have the appearance of a conventional diver, it doesn’t indicate that it isn’t one. In fact, it has the following characteristics:

  • 200 meters of resistance to the water
  • a crown that is secured with screws and…
  • a system that ensures the safety and absorbs shocks when it is unscrewed

It’s possible that these characteristics don’t impress you very much, but keep in mind that the price of this watch is less than one hundred dollars, which is a very reasonable price when you consider the military history of this piece.

It goes without saying that at such a low price, it does not have flawless qualities; for example, the finishing is not the best and the bezel can be turned in any way.

But if you’re seeking something that’s not only unique but also fairly durable (the servicing interval for the movement is roughly ten years), then this Vostok Amphibia can be the watch for you!


  • proper dive watch
  • military history


  • not the best finishing
  • bi-directional diving bezel

4.      Seiko SNK355

Best Watches For Men Under 200

Seiko 5s watches, particularly those with a diameter of 37 millimeters or less, offer an unrivaled combination of quality and affordability.

And despite the fact that the Seiko 5 collection includes what feels like hundreds of different models, the SNK355 (along with its various color variations such as blue or black) is actually one of my favorite Seiko 5 watches.

At first glance, it may not appear that there is much of a huge deal about this watch.

After all, it only has a water resistance of 30 meters, a metal bracelet that rattles when it’s folded, and a movement that neither hacks nor can be wound by hand. I recommend you to also check Best Black Watches For Men it.

  • The case size and shape are one of the best you can have for the money; it’s well finished, it looks great, and it hugs the wrist regardless of the circumference of your wrist. It has an understated and timeless design; you’ll be able to dress it up or down without any difficulty, making it the ideal watch for everyday wear.
  • The dial is patterned with a design made up of individual Seiko 5 emblems in various positions.

It is wonderful to see such a high level of detail on an item that is priced so affordably.

And even if you don’t notice the textured dial at first, once you do, you’ll want to check the time dozens of times before leaving the house in the morning.


  • arguably the best case on this list, boasting a classic look that is perfect for everyday carry


  • movement neither hacks nor hand-winds only thirty meters of water resistance

5.      Orient Mako II

Best Watches For Men Under 200

Even though you might not be familiar with the Orient name, the Seiko Epson Corporation really owns and operates it.

You quickly acquire a watch from a serious and reputable brand while at the same time being relatively unknown to the great majority of people (which I always like).

You’re getting a lot of watches for your money when you buy a Mako.

Not only is it comparable to a Rolex Explorer in certain ways, but it also has other advantages.

However, it also comes loaded with outstanding specifications, which is rather impressive considering the price:

When you combine the short distance between the lugs of the watch with the curved shape of the case, you get a timepiece that is quite comfortable to wear on a wide variety of wrist sizes.

Indeed, the watch has a 41.5-millimeter case. However, based on my own personal experience, I can say that the recessed bezel and overall style of the case make it feel more like a 40 mm watch.

The price of this watch is so ridiculously low in comparison to its features and aesthetic that I can easily overlook the fact that it does not have a sapphire crystal or strong end links. Also check Best Gold Watches for Men it.

It should go without saying, but…


  • in-house automatic movement
  • screw-down crown


  • no sapphire crystal
  • the crown is sometimes hard to unscrew

6.      Seiko Recraft SNKP27

Best Watches For Men Under 200

You really don’t see this kind of design around all that much anymore; the casing of this fantastic Seiko is shaped and colored like it was in the 1970s, which is a super pleasant homage to that decade.

The Recraft series produced by Seiko contains a lot of designs that are influenced by the past, but the SNKP27 is, in my opinion, the greatest of the group.

Not because of the technical specifications; after all, it only contains features that are quite standard, such as:

  • 50 meters of resistance to water
  • , a movement that cannot be hacked and does not require hand-winding; an unremarkable (yet appropriate) leather strap

However, the dial, as well as the entire design, is something that simply cannot be ignored. It looks fantastic!

The light is distorted beyond recognition by the sunburst dial in green. In addition to that, the hour indices and hands are both coated in gold, which works wonderfully to complement the face.

The epitome of impeccable vintage style!

The outer half of the dial with converging rays and the 10-sided day and date window frame are two examples of subtle design details that are hidden in plain sight and contribute to the watch’s overall appeal as a unique timepiece.

How frequently does something like this occur to you?

Now, don’t let the case’s diameter of 40 millimeters or the modest lug-to-lug distance of 46 millimeters deceive you.

This watch appears to be slightly larger on the wrist than a conventional circular watch would due to its square shape.

However, if your wrists are at least 16.5 inches in circumference, you shouldn’t have any trouble wearing this unique gem.


  • that dial…


  • movement doesn’t hack or hand wind

7.      Fossil Privateer BQ2210

Best Watches For Men Under 200

The majority of Fossil automatic watches have skeletonized dials, which makes it an understatement to say that the displays are cluttered and illegible.

And because it is perceived as a fashion brand, Fossil does not receive a lot of affection from people who are passionate about watches.

The Privateer, on the other hand, stands out as an outlier in my eyes. This watch is particularly coveted since it is packed with intriguing design features, including the following:

  • There is not a disc for the seconds but rather hands for the seconds. It’s quite cool how the bridge that holds the disc in place includes a red point that indicates where to read the seconds.
  • The majority of the mechanism is hidden under a dial that has Côtes de Genève, which is a movement embellishment that is not typically found on inexpensive watches.
  • The hour and minute hands are housed in a subdial that is both understated and eye-catching, which is another feature that is exclusive to high-end timepieces.
  • On the bezel is a Clous de Paris pattern, which is not something you find on a watch that costs less than $200 very often (making this watch ride the fine line between casual and dressy)

Now, if you look at the chapter ring in this watch very carefully, you’ll see the most interesting and entertaining design aspect that it has to offer. Also read Best Hunting GPS Watches.

It appears that the 5-minute increments are not aligned in the correct way; take note of how the 60 and 30-minute markers are placed slightly off-center.

That is until you learn that they are an extension of the hour markers that are located on the subdial and that they are actually precisely aligned with one another. That is very awesome to hear.

Pay attention: the watch has a 44 mm face and will not fit on wrists that are less than 6.75 inches in circumference.

However, if your wrists are of ordinary size, you have most likely located the most awesome automatic Fossil that is currently available.


  • cool subdial
  • great decorations with Clous de Paris and Côtes de Genève patterns


  • the black coating on the case might scratch easily
  • too large for small wrists

8.      Swatch Sistem Clouds SUTA401

Best Watches For Men Under 200

I’ll guess that when you were thinking about a list of automatic watches, Swatch wasn’t the first brand that came to mind.

To be honest, I don’t blame you: Swatch is well-known for producing quartz timepieces that are both affordable and entertaining, and its designs range from traditional to modern to pop.

Swatch is now in the business of producing and selling automatic movements to other brands thanks to its ETA brand.

However, when they make an automatic movement for themselves, they add a twist to the design (just like their watches).

The Sistem51 movement that is featured in this Swatch is actually packed with a variety of advances, including the following:

  • The entire mechanism, which displays the hour, minute, second, and date, requires only 51 components, hence the name. This mechanical movement is the first and only one of its kind to be fully constructed by robots.
  • All of the components are kept together by a single screw, and it has an insanely long power reserve of ninety hours.

Interesting fact: the red dots on the dial really show where the gems are located on the interior of the movement.

Now, obviously, not everything is ideal.

The water resistance of this watch is only 30 meters, which is not very impressive. In addition, the movement is hermetically sealed, which means that it cannot be adjusted or maintained.

But that’s how long it took Swatch to come up with such a striking twist on an automated movement that they developed in-house.

Within the Sistem51 series, there is a plethora of exciting colorway options available.


  • Ninety hours of power reserve!!!
  • lightweight


  • only 30 m of water resistance
  • the movement can’t be serviced

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