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November 18, 2022

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The role of the watch in modern masculine fashion and tradition is growing. This item is becoming more than just a means of expressing the owner’s devotion; it is becoming an integral part of the person’s public persona, whether in a job interview, a briefing, or even just at the beach or by the seaside. The watch culture is slowly but surely winning over the hearts of both young and old, leading to the acceptance of the timepiece as a source of happiness independent of social standing.

We all know that there is a watch for every occasion, but which one would you recommend for a person who is just starting out in this world? The purpose behind this article is to provide guidance in making that choice. Choosing a watch, especially for the first time, involves a lot of thought, and that’s where we come in.

The movement

It’s important to know from the get-go whether you want a quartz watch or one with mechanical movement. Quartz watches encompass every type of battery-operated timepiece. In contrast, mechanical ones have springs and gears that ensure the hands will move.

Next, we classify mechanical actions as either manual or automatic. The user must manually load the firsts by manipulating the crown. However, automatic ones are self-recharging thanks to a rotor and springs, using the user’s own motions of the hand and wrist while walking or writing to replenish their power.

There are obvious benefits and drawbacks to each of the three options. We think it’s best if you invest in a mechanical watch, and if possible one that was made “in-house” by the company themselves. This ensures the highest level of quality and accuracy. Unless it’s a rare model like FP Journe’s Élégante, a mechanical watch will always cost more than a quartz one.

Materials and design

It’s also important to think about the watch’s aesthetics, particularly its size and form. You should pick a classic and easily recognizable style for your first wristwatch—one that is straightforward without being overly simplistic or overused by numerous brands. Knowing the design’s intended purpose and, more specifically, its context, is essential.

You have the option of selecting a more casual, sportier watch for everyday use or a more formal, elegant timepiece if you plan on showing it off mostly at black-tie events.

Materials-wise, we advise you to prioritize steel for an everyday watch and titanium for your first sports timepiece. In reality, these materials are connected with easily resalable watches that are also cheaper, more durable, and less sensitive. Gold, on the other hand, appears to be a must for the classic, but it still provides a great deal of leeway for choice between white and yellow gold based on taste and will.

The Maison

The quality of the house from which you purchase is crucial. By specializing in a well-respected Swiss watchmaker, you’ll be investing in a product that embodies the heritage, expertise, and precision that are hallmarks of Swiss “maisons.” When it comes to certificates that attest to the worth of timepieces, choosing a Swiss product is frequently connected with guarantee and quality (examples are the Geneva Seal and the COSC).

The price

We don’t know what you can afford, but as a first step towards a nice collection, we advise a budget of roughly 5000–6000€ for a complete rookie.

In truth, this price range is filled with several excellent options from the industry’s top watchmakers, some of which may even be considered an investment. Instead, searching online for the item and comparing the price at which it is proposed to the price at which it is actually sold is a good alternative way to get an idea about its going rate in the market.

Iconic models

Here are several suggestions across genres that could make excellent first-time watch purchases while staying generally inside our stated budget.

Jaeger-LeCoultre – Reverso Classic Medium Small Seconds

It’s a timeless design that nevertheless manages to look sophisticated. The 822A/2 is a hand-wound movement developed in-house. Interesting in particular is the fact that the dial can be turned all the way around; this mechanism was originally developed to absorb shocks and preserve glass, hence the name.

Rolex – Air-King

The Air-King is your best bet if you want to dip your toe into the Rolex pool without breaking the bank. The aviation heritage of this timepiece is evident in the huge 3, 6, and 9 o’clock markers that ensure the watch is always easily readable. Rolex’s caliber 3131 is an automated movement that the company designed and built from the ground up. This assures that you receive the prestigious COSC seal of approval, which is a mark of accuracy and dependability.

Swatch Sistem Boreal

Don’t worry if you’re young and want a watch; we can accommodate you.

The Swatch brand is among the best places to begin learning about mechanical watches.

For the low, low price of 195€, you can get an extremely adaptable automatic steel watch that will be your constant companion. Superior to, if you catch our drift, competing quartz versions at roughly the same price point.

Our advice

You should take your time and give careful thought to the first watch you buy.

However, the individual and emotional factor should not be disregarded. The watch’s primary purpose is to make its owner happy, both when they look at it in a display case and while they have it on their wrist. Not all timepieces will look fine on your wrist or fit perfectly because of the variations in wrist sizes. There is no surefire way to pick the perfect watch; rather, you need to experiment until you find the one you can form a deep emotional connection with that allows you to move with ease, assurance, and freedom.

Our greatest recommendation is that you really immerse yourself in the decision process, looking at everything from the technical details to the cost. First and foremost, think about the feelings it can give you. Hopefully you enjoy to reading Buying Your First Watch.

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