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August 16, 2023

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Recently, Google released a new device dubbed Google Glass, a pair of smart glasses designed to function like a wearable computer. In the end, not many people were convinced by it. After the concept of a “smart” watch was introduced, however, many businesses accepted the challenge.

Popular names like Apple and Samsung make some of the best smartwatches available for less than $500. However, competitors like Fitbit and Fossil are beginning to catch up. Whether or not health and fitness tracking, internet access, and app availability are viable options depends on the underlying operating system.

Read on to discover strategies for locating a suitable one without emptying your bank account.

Apple Watch Series 9

Both new and older Apple smartwatches provide a variety of useful features. One of Apple’s most recent and well-liked products is the Apple Watch Series 9.

The Series 9 Apple watch can boost your fitness program and inspiration at a time when all of us are seeking for faster, easier ways to get and remain healthy. You may monitor your heart rate and oxygen saturation levels, view and compare your fitness data, record and analyze your sleep habits, and more.

The latest innovation is an app that can give you readings that are comparable to those you’d get from an electrocardiogram (ECG) at a doctor’s office, but on your phone, and at the touch of a finger.

The Series 9 solves this issue by never going to sleep, so you can always see the screen without having to wake your wrist. As a result, with a screen that is 30% bigger than previous models, you may quickly and easily access the information that is most essential to you during a meeting.

Apple Watch SE

While the Apple Watch SE is simpler than the Apple Watch Series 6, it still has many of the same capabilities. The screen size is the same, but you have to “wake” it up by tilting your wrist up or down.

The SE lacks Apple’s newest version’s blood oxygen and ECG apps, which is the biggest difference between the two. Nonetheless, if that’s not something you’re looking for or require, the majority of the other functions, such as fall detection, international emergency dialing, and emergency SOS, are identical.

In addition to GPS and GPS plus cellular, this watch also allows for a family setup. Although it seems similar, the watch has certain unique physical characteristics. The SE’s body and screen are built from recycled aluminum, while the Series 6’s body and screen are manufactured from stainless steel, titanium, and sapphire crystal, respectively.

Costing as little as $279, the SE is a significant savings over the other two models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch 3 Titanium

Most consumers have strong brand allegiances, whether it be to Apple, Samsung, or another company. There is probably not much of a need for an Apple watch if you don’t already own an iPhone.

Therefore, Samsung is the finest second-place brand of smartwatches available for less than $500. The cost of their newest phones, the Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 3 Titanium, can vary greatly based on the storage capacity, the processor speed, and whether or not you choose to trade in an existing device.

As a general rule, discounts are available; however, you should look about before committing to a purchase, especially during the holiday season. You may also qualify for a price cut if you are a teacher, firefighter, or member of the armed forces.

The Galaxy 3 is the most recent model from Samsung, and it features a titanium body and a battery that can go more than 24 hours between charges. It also features a novel bezel that can be turned. Fitness tracking and coaching insights, sleep tracking, and stress monitoring (with breathing instructions to help you relax) are all included, just like they are on the Apple Series 6 and SE.

You can track your heart rate and oxygen levels, take an ECG in only 30 seconds with the help of an app, and alert emergency personnel immediately if you fall or encounter some other kind of workout-related emergency.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 was developed with athletes in mind, and the company even offers Under Armor and golf-themed variants of the device. If you are in search of a fitness tracker that would do more than just count steps and calories β€” one that also gives you useful information about each workout you do β€” this could be the device for you.

The Active 2 is a more minimalist timepiece than the Galaxy 3, catering to those who prefer something that’s easier to wear while strenuous physical activity.

The Active 2’s built-in tracker can record data from a wide variety of workouts, including walks, runs, bikes, rows, elliptical sessions, dynamic floor routines, and even swims. Your watch will notify you when you’ve reached your target heart rate zone or if you need to increase your intensity.

You may use your watch for days without charging it again, which is a great feature. You can make calls, send texts, stream media, and pay for items just like you would with a phone or wallet, thanks to the availability of LTE connectivity.

As an added bonus, it works with both iOS and Android and supports voice commands, though users of iOS devices should be aware that the watch’s capabilities will be severely limited. The lowest-priced option with LTE connectivity is around $230. An Active 2 with simply Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity may be had for as little as $30.

Fitbit Versa 3

In September of 2020, Fitbit introduced the Versa 3 as one of the company’s newest smartwatches. When compared to its predecessor, the Versa 2, this watch offers many of the upgrades that buyers had requested.

It costs only about $229, which is much cheaper than the most expensive Apple or Samsung watches. Many Versa 2 users were pleased to see that the Versa 3 addressed their concerns about a lack of GPS tracking and a Google Assistant.

The Active Zone minutes feature, new to the Versa 3, lets you keep track of how much of your workout is spent in your optimal heart rate zone. It can detect and monitor your heart rate, but unlike the Sense, it cannot do an electrocardiogram.

Since Fitbit smartwatches can be used with both iOS and Android, one of the improvements for the Versa 2 is support for both Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant.

The Versa 3 has been improved with rounded corners and a touch display button, and it comes in three different colors and two different bank configurations: black, pink/gold, and midnight/soft gold.

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